ORB Timbers

Hi, my nameís Owen and I am the founder of ORB Timbers, based in Eungella, North Queensland
- 1 hour west of Mackay.

My business has two main areas of trade - timber craft and timber services.

TIMBER CRAFT: I make high quality, custom made furniture and wooden articles for your home, bar and office, using only salvaged and fallen timber from the local area. All items are handcrafted using renewable energy.

TIMBER SERVICES: If you require milling to be done on your property, I service the Eungella-Mackay and surrounding region. I can also help with the treatment, sanding and storage of timber. Selected slabs, raw and finished are available.

You are welcome to contact me 7 days a week so please if you have any questions, donít hesitate to call on (07) 4958 4751. If Iím out milling, leave a message and I will get back to you!

Proud supporter of the Eungella Business Group and www.eungella.com.au
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