ORB Timbers


Solid bench tops, table tops and furnishings
Unique rustic and modern design
Handcrafted using local timbers

Following are some samples of my work to date. As each piece is custom made to suit the client's needs, finished prices and products will vary with each new design. The type and supply of timber will also affect the price and appearance. You are most welcome to call me on (07) 4958 4751 to discuss your ideas over the phone and I will be able to provide you with an estimate for your quality piece of furniture.

ORB Timbers

14 Seat Boardroom Table

Crafted entirely from salvaged timbers this exclusive boardroom table measures a whopping 4.65m long and 1.6m wide. The timber (Blue Gum / Forest Red Gum) salvaged from the original Broken River Bridge shows the detail of its construction with the large bolt holes and roadway drainage holes being preserved in resin.
The boardroom table journey from bridge decking to conference shows exactly what is involved in the manufacture and installation of a piece of this calibre.

ORB Timbers

Reception Counter

Crafted to complement the boardroom table above, the counter is made of the same timber using the same methods. Because it is a custom made piece, the design seamlessly incorporated the structural steel post.
This is certainly a practical entry statement for all to admire.
Call today to discuss the possible designs for your talking piece.

ORB Timbers

Backless Bookshelf

This solid red cedar bookshelf was constructed without a back to allow the piece to blend seamlessly with the tongue and grooved wall on which it was mounted.
(Bookshelves like this start from $350 excluding timber)

Matching Bed Side Tables

This pair of solid red cedar bed side tables feature an inverted natural edge top complete with a high quality 2 pack finish to help protect this beautiful and delicate timber.
(Bedside tables like this start from $600 a pair excluding timber)

ORB Timbers ORB Timbers ORB Timbers

ORB Timbers

Entry Sideboard

Crafted from salvaged timbers this sideboard is a fusion of contemporary design and the weathered look that recycled timber so often provides. The solid top (likely Bloodwood) has been salvaged from the loading ramp of local cattle yards, dressed enough to show the beautiful grain of the timber while maintaining the character from once it came.
The delicately framed stand is crated from red cedar off cuts, providing a stable and visually different approach.
(Sideboards like this start from $450 excluding timber)

ORB Timbers


With such an endless supply of possible designs, there is sure to be something to take your fancy. If it doesn't already exist, it can be created. These featured vases are from the crutch of a Grevillea and believe it or not, an old burnt-out fence post likely to be Bloodwood.
Vase prices vary significantly depending on difficulty, the timber used and finishes. The large pictured vases are valued at $55 and $130 respectively.

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